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  1. Erwin-K

    2022 400Z Goes On Sale Spring 2021!

    MT is usually pretty solid when it makes a statement like that. It's specific enough and separate from what they say is conjecture about the 400Z name so I'm betting they got some info whispered to them when they visited the proving grounds.
  2. Erwin-K

    Nismo 400Z Rendered

    400Z has great bones IMO and the NISMO version is going to look killer. Hope it's soon after Spring 2021 release.
  3. Erwin-K

    Next Nissan Z Could Be Simply Called "Z"

    Been lurking past few days but came across this article from the homepage. Bumping this thread since there's talk in the other thread from a lot of guys that would like the Z35 to just be called the Nissan "Z" only.