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  1. Seong

    400Z Nismo upgrades?

    What do you think we'll see in terms of upgrades on the Nismo 400Z? Obviously it'll get aero parts like chin spoiler, trunk spoiler, sideskirts, wheels. What about on the performance improvement side?
  2. Seong

    2022 400Z Goes On Sale Spring 2021!

    Doesn't seem like it will be by the way they were talking about it on reveal night. Plus considering Nissan's current financial situation they likely want to start collecting sales on the 400Z asap to help their bottom line.
  3. Seong

    Stunning New Z Prototype / 400Z 3D Render

    These are sweeet! Most of this should be pretty achievable with aftermarket - front bumper, hood, rear bumper/diffuser, suspension, wheels.
  4. Seong

    400Z Proto front bumper/grille design

    Nice work. It removes the tired eye bags under the headlights. Paired up with the blacked out bottom lip, it makes the whole front end seem more aggressive. One thing I'm always reminded of when seeing a straight on shot is how much the hood lines get lost with the yellow paint. If this was a...
  5. Seong

    Photoshop of the Z Proto

    Huge improvement with or without the bottom lip removed. I will say tho even tho a non-rectangular grille looks better, it does look less iconic "Z" in styling.
  6. Seong

    Behind the Design: Nissan Z Proto

    Hopefully there's more than 2% change in store for the grille hah. Everything else I'm cool with as-is. They did a bang up job. One thing I hope they don't change even 1% is the blacked out roof with silver roofline trim. I think that is the iconic signature design for this new gen Z.
  7. Seong

    2022 400Z Goes On Sale Spring 2021!

    There goes that 2023 rumor lol. Spring 2021 is only a few months from now! Big fan of what Nissan did here by presenting a production-intent version of the 400Z just a few months before sales start. THey've learned from other highly anticipated cars debuts that were dragged out way too long -...
  8. Seong

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    Not a concept and pretty much production design! Surprised. Glad to hear that. The front is gonna have to grow on me but everything else is attractive!
  9. Seong


    That's a fail. They managed to make a dual clutch bad?! I'm hoping for a good dual clutch box just for ultimate control. Extra nice if they gave it double-pull feature to drop to neutral. Good for some exhaust revving on the go :)
  10. Seong

    Does the Z really need to be lighter?

    Floor boards huh. Haven't really heard of those being a common target area for weight savings, but saving weight these days requires creative thinking! Fast and Furious had this weight saving method figured out years ago though (I kid :)).
  11. Seong

    Jay Leno video talks about next Z (Z35 / 240Z?) with Nissan chief designer

    +1 I'd actually love it if designers pushed the cabin back even more to give the appearance of a longer hood. Look at the older Z cars in the site's header, it's such a beautiful look!
  12. Seong


    I'm assuming (and hope!) they'll keep the 6 speed manual option for the Z35, but you guys think'll finally offer up a dual clutch transmission? Or are we gonna see the same 7 speed auto?
  13. Seong

    New Member Introductions

    Welcome new guys, seems we've had a nice little wave of new blood around here.
  14. Seong

    Nissan Z35 won't be crossover. Will be smaller, more affordable, more mainstream

    It would put it right back into competitive pricing territory compared to its main rivals. For me it doesn't necessarily need to drop that much if it comes with an awesome design, great specs and some new features. DCT would be a great start IMO.
  15. Seong


    Nice. "In the US, there are two engine choices with three levels of output. The twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 comes with either 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, or 300 hp and 295 lb-ft." Looks like that is confirmed too. Now can they throw us a bone about the Z?
  16. Seong


    No company waits 8 yrs for a platform change anymore. The life cycle changeovers have gotten shorter to keep up with the technology and competition. Also more sense of urgency to make cars lighter and more fuel efficient to meet CAFE etc.
  17. Seong

    Will we see a Z35 concept?

    By all accounts we still have a long way before we see the next gen Z and next to no one is talking about it. They should build a concept to get people talking.
  18. Seong

    New Z35 rumors - coming 2016, before Q60 debut, with more than 400 HP

    Over 400hp is very ambitious, that's more than 50 horses above the current 370Z Nismo. If they can drop the weight it won't need that much.
  19. Seong

    Next Generation Z to feature IDx Design Elements

    And now there are the rumors that a RWD nissan coupe will be shown at Tokyo (from this thread) but it sure doesn't look Z related based on the render. If it does turn out to be the Z35 maybe all this confusion IS because it borrows the IDx styling. I hope they nixed that project and focus on the Z.
  20. Seong

    Is Nissan going soft? How will Z35 be affected?

    Amen. It's just the haters hatin... Just wait until the new Z hits I'm sure it won't disappoint given how awesome the GT-R has been.