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  1. TaroBaapG35

    400Z Nismo upgrades?

    Like all the Nismo iterations Nissan has released since the 350z, they all have the same type of performance improvements; Exhaust upgrade and slight engine tuning difference (negligible on 350/370z nismos). Main "performance" updates will come through the bodywork and then similar to the Silver...
  2. TaroBaapG35

    New Member Introductions

    Previous 370z Owner. Loved it. Current Audi S4 owner. Can't wait for the new Z! Current '18 B9 S4 - ABT HAS l AWE Track + RDP 102mm l Roc-Euro-Sil Hose l Deval Diff l All 034 l Forge Recirc l Summ: 19x9.5 ET35 l Volk TE37 Ultra l 255/35/19 MPS4S ; OffSeason: 10/12mm Spacers l OEM BO...
  3. TaroBaapG35

    2022 400Z Goes On Sale Spring 2021!

    Also add in the woes of Nissan and parts availability, so I'm personally expected Summer-Fall 2021 for release. Also I'm hoping they'd realease it in Spring, so i can pick up a used one late next year!
  4. TaroBaapG35

    2022 400Z Pricing Talk

    I think the issue with comparing the Z interior to the Supra's is the fact that its actually a BMW interior we're comparing to. But, if we're comparing expected $$ of the Z versus the competition, then it would be a fair comparison. Unfortunately, like all Nissans (even the GTR) there will be...
  5. TaroBaapG35

    Stunning New Z Prototype / 400Z 3D Render

    A nice rear spoiler/lip would look nice the way it did on the 370z.