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  1. Next-generation Subaru BRZ & Toyota GR86

    Rumor mills says its going to be the NA 2.4 liter. They should really consider offering a turbo version.
  2. Nissan Z Proto Will Reach Production Pretty Much Unchanged, Says Nissan Executive

    The GTR proto also looked pretty similar to the production car.
  3. 2022 400Z Pricing Talk
  4. Videos: Z Prototype / 400Z walkthroughs from reveal night attendees

    I think could depend on each market. All new cars in the U.S. must have a back up cam.
  5. Videos: 400Z Reviews, Reactions, Analysis

    「This is a Hundred Times Better Than the GR Supra!」Smokey Nagata Gets Excited About the New Fairlady Z Prototype!
  6. Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Here is a poll from a non-bias POV via our other sister forum.
  7. No adaptive steering for Nissan 400Z
  8. Z34 vs Z35

    The seats and door handles look the same too.
  9. Confirming speculation about the 400Z underpinnings, project chief explains what’s underneath.

    Why the New Nissan Z Proto Might Be the Old 370Z Underneath—And Why That's Not so Bad