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  1. R_E_L

    No adaptive steering for Nissan 400Z

    Sounds good to me. Keep the steering direct and with plenty of feedback.
  2. R_E_L

    Behind the Design: Nissan Z Proto

    It'll probably be fine. The more I look at it the more I feel like the ugly rectangle can only be seen if you are standing at a distance and/or low to the ground while looking straight on. When standing in front of or over the car the leading chevron shape of the nose will probably be enough to...
  3. R_E_L

    400Z Production Colors Simulation Renderings

    I'm really hoping for some form of BRG. The orange rendering looks pretty cool too. But a nice green (not that neon green) would be perfect.
  4. R_E_L

    It’s Official: Nissan Won’t Bring The New Z Sports Car To Europe

    Wow. Emissions regulations in Europe are really affecting current and updated platforms going forward. I've been reading about the effects on the motorcycle industry and it's surprising to see this even affecting new cars in the same way.
  5. R_E_L

    2022 400Z Goes On Sale Spring 2021!

    They don't reference a source for that date, so I wonder if it's not just conjecture. Considering the effect the pandemic has had on all sorts of product releases, I feel like spring is unlikely, especially if the car is not finalized yet. I think next fall is more likely if not 2022. But maybe...
  6. R_E_L

    Behind the Design: Nissan Z Proto

    I think, rectangle grill aside, they did a great job with the look of this thing. Clean, elegant lines and a classic silhouette. It's not overdone, and I think it will age well. The interior looks good too, although I doubt that big digital dash will be standard. If not, I'm curious what the...
  7. R_E_L

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    I like every angle except head on, the rectangle cutout of the grill is a little too blunt when compared to the rest of the car's soft lines. Kinda gives me a domo-kun vibe lol. I think they could have borrowed from the g nose or just given the grill a little more of the dynamic in the rest in...
  8. R_E_L

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    Came over from the FT86 sister site, where I remember the concept reveal for that car as well. Excited for this car too. My grandpa had a couple of Z's back in the day (attached a pic of one of them with my uncle, please forgive his shoe on the bumper :rolleyes:) I wouldn't mind continuing the...