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  1. 1/4atatime

    2022 400Z Pricing Talk

    I feel there is some fine print on that statement. Let's say it does start under 40k it will almost certainly be the 300hp version of the vr30 which makes it a terrible value why buy the new one with less HP for more money?
  2. 1/4atatime

    Nissan Z Proto Will Reach Production Pretty Much Unchanged, Says Nissan Executive

    This was known since the unveiling he said then that what we are seeing is the final version but some how everyone completely glossed over that important piece of info when they said the design was going to be changed. So yeah unfortunately we are stuck with the ugly front bumper.
  3. 1/4atatime

    2022 400Z Pricing Talk

    Anyone see that the Supra is testing with a new engine capable of 500hp supposedly. If they put that in the Supra and keep the price the same that could spell trouble for Nissan especially if the pricing is in the upper 40k...
  4. 1/4atatime

    What the new Z should have looked like

    All the credit goes to Apostolon on reddit If Nissan had made it look like this I would be standing in line right now.
  5. 1/4atatime

    Photoshop of the Z Proto

    Can't un see the mustang overlayed on the new Z rear end
  6. 1/4atatime

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    few things I noticed lots of the same stuff from the 370z door handles, speakers, center arm rest portion, same steering wheel turn signal/light stalks, same or very similar exhaust as the q60/50. Looks like the same brakes as the q60 black edition, same interior light dome as the 370z. Redline...
  7. 1/4atatime

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    Nissan showed this off in October last year to people but they couldn't talk about it apparently. Can't believe nothing substantial leaked before the reveal. "I was actually fortunate...
  8. 1/4atatime

    Nissan Z Proto Livestream Reveal Viewing Party! + Reactions

    Do or die time for Nissan either they nail almost every aspect of this car or they will be bankrupt in a few years. Very excited to see what this thing looks like.
  9. 1/4atatime

    New Member Introductions

    Just found this forum joining you all from forum. Same handle as the370 forum. Excited to see what the new Z is going to look like. Also I'm digging the more modern look of this forum.